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The following are some important points to consider while shopping for your mineral salt inhaler:

  • There is a difference between Halite Crystal
    Salt and Himalayan Pink (Rock) Salt so buyers beware!

Rock on! » Although the Himalayan Salt is used by many
(especially for cooking & drinking), the Halite Salt is
superior for inhalation because, primarily, it is more
porous and is better suited to be absorbed throughout
the respiratory system. We believe the typical version of himalayan salt is too high in fluoride to be a safe option. Please see our expert advise from Dr. Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, MH, NP, ND under Salt Savvy: at Natural Health News.

  • There are various other "salt pipes" on the market
    so please look closely at both the content and the
    quality of the container
    before making your
    scrupulous choice to buy.
Rock on & on!

     » Because SaltRocks!TM provides our customers the
    cave care they deserve, we want you to be aware
    of the Salt Pipes currently available and to do your
    shopping before you purchase. We don't care where
    you buy, just that you buy the one that's right for you!

  • If you do purchase your salt inhaler from SaltRocks!TM:

     » Be sure to review our Site Statements and Disclaimers page to
    assess important information regarding your new health
    investment, including our money-back guarantee,
    our Price Match Promise Plus and FREE shipping - globally! Rock on & on & on!

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