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" Rock salt has been used for centuries around the world to ease respiratory discomfort. A trial involving asthmatic and allergic patients and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) showed the saltpipe improved symptoms in more than half of them. During a three week period, 25 of the 50 patients were given a placebo pipe and the others a pipe filled with organic, crystal salt. At the end of the trial, 56% of those using the saltpipe had an improvement in lung function compared to 34% on the placebo pipe. Just under 74%
had an improvement in their breathing. "

The Daily Mail, Tuesday 26 April 2005

Clinical tests conducted by Allergy Specialists:

Dr. Zoltan Ronai, Dr. Sarolta Mesko and Dr. Margit Székely,
Consultant Pediatrician

Other clinical trials to link to as follows:

  • Scientia Press
    Halotherapy: Aerosol Salt Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

» This is an intriguing study, complete with references,
   of the effects of Halotherapy (HT) and Speleotherapy.

» Halotherapy (HT): The development of a new drug-free method of treatment for respiratory diseases.

» The fascinating results of this study, originally published in Pneumologia 2007 Jul-Sep;56(3):124-7, concludes:

a quotable quote
Dry salt inhaler therapy may prove to be a useful adjuvant therapy in COPD as far a quotable quoteas effort tolerance and quality of life are concerned.

» This trial delves deeper into the clinical performance of the mineral salt inhaler on people suffering from severe
respiratory illnesses.

» A closer look into a study group of children suffering from asthma, sinusitus and laryngitis.

» This study offers overall observations of a medical inspection of the salt pipe.

Other scholarly links of interest:

Therapeutic Salt Cave

» Interesting Thing of the Day features an informative trip to the
   Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland.

Speleotherapy Center

» Learn more about Dr. Andranik Voskanyan's work
   in the Speleotherapeutic Center of Armenia.

Overnight Salt Mine Therapy

» Investigate how treatment in the Avan Saltmine Clinic
   offers patients new life and new hope...

» Get a closer look and definition of Speleotherapy.

» Read about one author's amusing journey below to the Troilus mine in Romania.

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