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SaltRocks! on Printable Brochure for Information

Due to popular demand, SaltRocks! is providing the following PDF printable brochure for customer use.

There are many of you who would like to purchase an all natural salt inhaler from our site but prefer a quick print out of the information contained to review with your homeopathic practitioner. Others have already purchased the device and would like to share the word in print with family, friends and colleagues.

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To PRINT this file please take note of the following:
This is a 2-page, three column document, intended to be printed back to back on 8½ by 11 inch paper. You may have to configure your printer in order to print a two-sided document. Either way, print one page at a time so that you can correctly reverse the page for printing on the other side.

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The brochure document available to print at this site is provided in PDF format for your convenience.

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