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 SaltRocks! Sound Byte :
 Salina Praid Salt Mine, Romania

Listen to the haunting sounds of visitors... echoing in the salt mine!
Take a mesmerizing audio journey...
into the depths of a salt mine!

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C. fieldechoes
Album Title:
Subterranean Salt Echoes
Track Title:
Salina Praid
Track Duration:
2:00 Looping (Repeating)
Field Recording

The soundmark of this field recording is the natural reverb of crowds situated deep underground in a salt mine.

The "Salina Praid" mine is used both for salt extraction and as a place for treating people with respiratory diseases. At the same time, it is a tourist attraction (you can hear sojourners speaking different languages) and down there the cave is designed like a miniaturized town; with church, playgrounds, school, internet cafe, museum, hospital and so on. The air is very salty...

The journey to the mine itself is 1250 m long through the ramp transport tunnel and it is carried by bus. Then the entrance of the mini town, counting approximately 250 stairs, depth 260 m, leads to the big chambers; there are walls of salt everywhere. The recording starts from the last stairs to the cave entrance where you can sense the reverberating sound right away.

The sound has a unique imprint especially because of the salt all over, the size and the irregularities of the walls left after the excavation processes.

Rock on!

The "Salina Praid" is located in the Transylvania / Harghita countryside of Romania.

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