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SaltRocks! TESTIMONIALS of the Aroma TherapipeTM

Mimi is our miracle! Mimi is breathing better now...

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from Mimi...

Mimi's diary entry from the beginning:
March 3, 2008

Dear Diary,
I have asthma and rhinitis and my mom bought me a new Natrual [natural] Remedy called Therapipe. I am healthy for taking Natrual Remedy!

7 years old

March 14, 2008

Dear Diary,
Since my parents bought the Therapipe i've been realiesed [released] from the drugs I yose [use] to take and at night time I don't have any more attacks! And it also helps more than other natral [natural] remedys [remedies] I take and this is all because of the pipe!

Sissie, 8 years old

Sissie loves her sister...

3/14/2008 Dear Diary, My sister, Mimi is recovering from her asma [asthma] and it is all because of the Therapipe! The nebulizer [albuterol] only lasted for 4 hours. But this Therapipe lasts forever! And I thank the company who made Therapipes. God Bless You!

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It all started when... Fed Up Continued:

This testimony is original because as a direct result of our daughter's positive outcome using the Aroma TherapipeTM, we are bound to share her success with others who suffer from respiratory illness and have consequently begun this site, SaltRocks!TM. Our daughter has suffered from bronchial asthma and allergies since the tender, young age of 2. Since then she has been on regular and irregular regimen of daily corticosteroids and albuterol inhalation both through the aerochamber and nebulizer for emergencies. She has also been instructed by her specialist to sniff steroids through her nose regularly in the form of Flonase. These methods only ever helped on a very temporary basis and left us many sleepless nights and days missing school because of exasperation of allergies and asthma.

We gradually started eliminating the heavy medications, starting with the constant flow of antibiotics she was being prescribed for infection of inflamed lung tissue. We replaced antibiotics with another natural remedy through her nebulizer to ensure that the phlegm was not infected. The outcome of that replacement seemed successful but we were still perplexed as to how to resolve the other important dynamics of asthma like inflammation control, expectoration, constant coughing and other such issues. Our daughter is also inflicted with allergic rhinitis and had a constant, irritating runny nose that would need daily doses of Flonase which still did not quell her problematic drip. We replaced the Flonase with a strong saline solution which not only stopped the nasal drip but seemed to heal the problem on a much more long-term basis! After such success using a simple sea salt solution (wish we were on to it four years earlier!), we began to wonder about the application of some kind of wholesome salt for the lungs in order to address her asthma with an equalizer. We felt deep within, that there must be a salt therapy in practice somewhere on this planet but, being the Americans that we are, we'd never heard of halotherapy (salt therapy) or speleotherapy (salt cave therapy) or any health usage for salt other than the famous Neti Pot for nasal relief...

Kim, Mom
Fed Up With Traditional Medical Applications
for Asthma and Allergies!

March 14, 2008

We began to investigate the possibility of our strong lead with the application of pure salt for other health purposes and after much diligence and research; we finally came across the Aroma TherapipeTM. We had to dig hard to find the information but once we discovered this tool, we intuitively knew it was the answer we had been seeking. We immediately purchased our first saltpipe without delay and began treatments on our then 6 year old daughter (aka "Mimi" featured above) for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night before bed. Within days (not weeks), she showed marked improvement. Initially, she would cough some at night and when we gave her the Therapipe (instead of cough medicine or our own natural cough cure) on three occasions, her cough completely dissipated. Although it is very high asthma and allergy season where we currently live, coincidentally called "Land of the Settling Dust", our daughter has finally weathered this weed storm and is safe, breathing easy and happier than she's been in 4 years since this nightmare of asthma and allergies has nearly taken away her young life.

We have never witnessed something work so consistently, so effectively; never with the drugs and not even with other natural herbal remedies that we have tried. After three weeks of use, we have witnessed the reduction of asthma symptoms by at least 75%, if not more. The Aroma TherapipeTM has been a God-send to our family and now is our opportunity to share it with the world. For all who suffer, we hope for holistic health through this little but powerful device. We welcome your experiences which we will gladly post directly on this site to also be of help to many others. Yours for the Aroma Therapipe!TM Yours because salt truly does rock! Yours for SaltRocks!TM

Jerry, Father

A happy daddy & his girls.

November 24, 2008

Our daughter, only 7 years old, has acute asthma. Allergy season is here and being the sceptic that I am, I wondered if the organic salt inhaler was working because she kept coughing a lot.

Then I realized that her lungs had not flared into the usual mucus-filled mess that has always accompanied her asthma and led to suffocating attacks. That is when I embraced the saltpipe, experiencing how it had successfully warded off the worst of all evils.

July 17, 2009

John, Father

The only person in our family who has used the pipe regularly is my 5 year old daughter with asthma. Everyone else has their own pipe but they are not used unless someone has a cough - which at this time of year is rare, if ever. Our daughter was having a fairly mild asthma attack about once a week before she got the pipe. After using the pipe for half an hour or more a day she didn't have any further attacks for three months! She used no drugs - just the pipe. Then she did have an asthma attack - again fairly mild, where she had to have some ventolin. Since then she has continued to use the saltpipe, with no further asthma attacks. Since that isolated attack we have also added some nutritional and homeopathic support, which has helped her general allergies also. But she was on the saltpipe only during the first 3 months of its use. It clearly stopped her regular attacks by itself. She now uses the saltpipe daily, but with the nutrition & homeopathy too. No further asthma attacks whatsoever on this triple regime. And only one attack in total since she started using the saltpipe. We are now buying a few more so she can have one at school, one in the car, etc. Thanks, John

January 23, 2009

Toni Rutten

I had to tell you that after just five minutes of using the pipe my sinuses opened and I could breathe so much easier ... I just ordered another pipe for my husband and he's going to love it just as much as I do ... will keep letting you know progress as I use the pipe ... after all, this is the first use and only five minutes of using it ... AMAZING product!!!!!

January 26, 2009

Also, I have to tell you that after four days of using my pipe I can't believe the difference in my breathing ... My lungs haven't felt this good in years and I can actually smell again ... I can't thank you enough for putting this pipe out there for all of us ... You really are the answer to my prayers ... Thank you so much ..... Toni

Aroma TherapipeTM Testimonials

Dr. Elisabeth Csernai, Physician, Homeopathic Practitioner

...after the first time I used the Therapipe, I felt that my breathing was easier and the airways to my lungs opened up. Even though I'm healthy, I feel that ease when I breathe.

Dr. Laszlo Beky, Homeopathic Practitioner

I was one of the first people to try this " mobile salt mine."  Several of my patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, allergies and other respiratory ailments had very positive feedback after using the Therapipe. I highly recommend using this product to anyone who suffers from any type of respiratory problems.

Miklos Palvolgyi, Chief Trainer of the Hungarian Pentathlon Association

The use of the Therapipe has resulted in very favorable changes in the condition of our athletes. Training becomes easier when your airways are cleaner, more open and permeable.

George Zala, Hungarian World Champion Canoeist

Having Used the Therapipe for several days a noticeable improvement in my performance was reached during running. After four weeks, on a usual 30 minute distance I performed the best in my life, breaking my own record.

Laszlo Kiss, Head of the Hungarian Swimming Association
Dr. Steven Krausz, Chief Doctor, Hungarian Swimming Association

The Therapipe was used by both the athletes of the Hungarian Olympic gold winning water polo team and the swimmers of the Hungarian National Team. Almost 40 swimmers in the National Team tested the salt pipe. " I could breathe even during hard training and I could recover my strength faster,"  reported the swimmers, after 6-8 weeks using the salt pipe. Some swimmers opted for the use of the salt pipe mainly at the time of training, yet they reported as good a result as the ones in the other group.

Anna Kishazi

Dear Inventors,
I would like to thank you for inventing the Therapipe. I have been suffering from allergies for 3 years, especially in the summer. Unfortunately, my symptoms were worsening year after year. I heard and read about the Therapipe, but I didn't want to believe in it and did not buy it. In the beginning of September, I had the radio on where they were talking about the pipe and you could also win a pipe. I got lucky twice! First, I won the pipe, second my allergy symptoms are decreased. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Judy Sobel

Following a bout with bronchitis, I was still having some trouble breathing. You offered me one of your therapipes to try. Within the first five minutes, I felt a difference. My breathing was no longer labored and I could take deeper breaths. As a pack a day smoker, I decided to keep using the pipe. Not only did it help my breathing, but it relaxed me. I can't explain it, but I felt more rested during and after my twenty minute session with the pipe. I even started to smoke less. Thank you so much for introducing me to this remarkable product. I'll be coming back to you in five years for another one.


Thanks for the Therapipe! You are welcome to use my husband's testimonial, that he is happy with the results he has gotten, a lot of which is with his sinuses. We have a lot of pollen this time of the year and it helped to alleviate many of those problems. We have recommended the Therapipe to several of our friends.

Geza Szanto

There's good news: When my wife uses the Therapipe it really helps her. She is very happy with it, because of the improvement in her condition. She does not have the bouts of coughing anymore. The coughing irritation that she had for 15 to 20 years has disappeared.

Rosa Merenyi

All the salt pipes we received from you are working very well and everybody is happy with the results. My husband lost his annoying cough he suffered from a very long time. Our great grand daughter who's 3 years old has been using it and it helped her too.

Janelle Lansley

I'm having much success with the Therapipe. It is so wonderful to be using a natural healing product instead of those over the counter medications that ALWAYS upset my tummy.

Mrs. Damiel Hatvani

Dear Mr. Bekefi (one of the inventors), Thank you so much for sending me the Therapipe. God Bless You! In the beginning days of using the pipe, the phlegm started breaking down and I had to expectorate a lot. Now it is much easier and my health is much improved. Thank you!

Janos Vilagos

Dear Sir,
Since our children have been using the Therapipe, they are feeling much better. The muscles that are supposed to help them breath are very weak (since birth), therefore, coughing is very difficult. Earlier, we had to use a special medical device to help them, but since using the pipe, their coughing became much easier and shorter. We feel that the Therapipe has been helpful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Saddie LaMort

Dear Friends,
After reading through the web site and testimonials, I really don't have much to tell. I'm a musician and singer and often perform in outdoor concert theaters. One day, after finishing a concert, my voice went away and I developed a runny nose that was also bleeding. This was on a Wednesday and we had another concert coming up on Sunday. By Friday, my wife decided I should use the Therapipe. If there is a miracle remedy for allergies, this is it.
All the best, - Revolution!

Thomas Tomori

Dear Mr. Budal (one of the inventors),
Thank you for changing my health from asthmatic to symptom free. In the last 3 years, I’ve been taking a lot of medications that caused me to put on about 30 pounds. I saw the Therapipe ad in the paper and although skeptical, I was willing to try anything that would offer some kind of relief, so I bought the pipe.

It was a miracle. I am now symptom free. This is not a hoax! Thank you, Therapipe.

Mikios Takacs

Since I bought the Therapipe, I had tremendous improvement in my health. I have been suffering from respiratory problems since I was a child. I had asthma attacks, strep throat and colds frequently. Constantly fighting these ailments made me weak and took a toll on my immune system. I also missed work often. I bought the pipe in July 2001 and followed the recommended usage. In the beginning, I used it for several hours. The results were wonderful. I gained my weight back and I felt stronger day by day and I became healthy. The Therapipe also helped my flu related coughing, normalized my breathing and dissolved the phlegm from my airway passages, therefore significantly speeding up recovery time. I would like to thank the inventors of the Therapipe for helping me.

Erika Rakos

I bought the Therapipe for my 78 year old mother who has been suffering from COPD related illnesses from smoking cigarettes. She would cough the whole night because of the phlegm in her air passages and her breathing became worse. She started using the pipe about a week ago, 10-15 minutes several times a day. After one week, she slept through the night. She even said her hearing got better! My family is grateful to the makers of Therapipe.

Andrew Major

I've been allergic to grass and dust for 15 years. I had attacks regularly even with medical treatments. I started using the pipe in September. Now my allergic reaction to dust is gone. I recommend the Therapipe to all allergy sufferers.

Mrs. Zsolt Peteo

I want to tell everybody how much the Therapipe helped me. I've been using it for about a month. Then years ago, I had very severe pneumonia that left bronchial tube problems behind. I've been using the pipe 3-4 times a day, and my shortness of breath went away. I hope more and more people will start using it to help clean their lungs. Bless you all.

Alexandra Szeles

My 13 year old daughter has frequent allergy attacks. At times, she had to be taken to a hospital by ambulance. One of our friends gave us the Therapipe. It changed our lives. My little girl's allergy attacks lessened and are not as severe. We always carry the pipe with us. Thanks for the Therapipe!

Aron Kantor

We have a 14-year old son and he has been allergic to pollen since he was 3 years old. We bought the Therapipe for the first time and he feels great. We hope the next allergy season will be as good or better than this one.

Judith Gaspar

I got a sample Therapipe in 2001 and have been using it ever since. I had allergies for years. Since I've been using the pipe, my symptoms became minimal. Thanks for inventing such a wonderful little device.

Mrs. Gaspar and daughter, Timea

We won the pipe in a contest. My daughter started using it while watching TV and it is very effective. We went to a puppet show and my daughter started coughing. I gave her the pipe and she stopped coughing and we did not have to leave the show. We decided to get a pipe for everybody in the family.

Azbeta Podzema

Dear Mr. Budai (one of the inventors),
I am writing on behalf of my girlfriend, Danic Horvath. She had lung cancer and her left lung had to be removed. You gave her a Therapipe as a gift. Thank you for that. She started using the pipe on 1-18-03, and at first, she coughed up mucus, which cleared her air passages and after about 30 days, her coughing is minimal.

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