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Clinical Trial by Dr. Valéria Burzuk

Notices about the experiences in connection with the Saltpipe used in the case of 10 patients suffering from Chronic Bronchitis, COPD and Asthma Bronchiales:

10 patients were using the Saltpipe in the period starting in October 2002, finishing in February 2003, for 2-3 months of duration.

These patients were suffering from respiratory illnesses; 3 of them suffered from chronic bronchitis, 7 of them from asthma bronchiales:
2 of these 7 people had severe bronchitis and COPD.

4 patients out of the 10 were females and 6 of them were males. 2 patient between the age of 50 & 55, 3 between the age 55 & 60, 2 of them were between 60 & 65, and only one of the patients was above 70.

Out of these 10 patients, 6 suffered from heart diseases, which aggrevated the applicability of antispasmodic sprays - for the bronchial tubes - because of the side effects which exert the functioning of the heart.

I was trying to choose patients whose illness was severe (chronic bronchitis, COPD, and/or asthma bronchiale).

The experiences of the patients show that the Saltpipe helps to dissolve sediments, helps in the process of discharge and in so doing, eases their breathing.

As a doctor, I found the Saltpipe a very effective, complementary tool in the therapy of patients with respiratory illnesses.

We can almost equalize the effects of the mineral-filled air inhaled through the Saltpipe with the effects of the salt caverns (apart from the fact that the temperature of air inhaled through the Saltpipe is identical with body temperature). Furthermore, it is more moderate from a financial point of view than the expenses of salt cavern therapies.

As a summary, I would like to conclude the following:

The secretion-discharge is easier and so, the breathing of the patient becomes more relieved. I also observed that the speed of the air-stream in the small bronchial tubes accelerated which results in easier breathing.

Rock on!

I find the application of the Saltpipe indisputably beneficial.

I owe you my gratitude - also in the name of my patients - for the Saltpipe.

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