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Clinical Trial by Dr. Ferenc Pátz, Pulmonologist

Salt Pipes for Children Study Group:

Children with asthma, children with sinusitus, children with laryngitis:

The following groups of patients consisted of 7 boys and 3 girls -

  • 6 Asthma bronchiale
  • 2 Sinusitis maxillaris
  • 2 Laryngitis subglottica


  • The youngest child: 3 years old
  • The eldest: 16 years old
  • Average: 9 years


  • Average: 6 weeks
  • The longest: 2 months period
  • The shortest: 4 weeks period


The product is catching the attention of both the children and the parents... The description should be attached in the form of a little brochure, the method of application should be described in a more detailed, pointed, highlighted way with introduction, "what to do-s", and the importance of the daily, regular usage.

Because of the relatively short testing period, we could draw only a few conclusions.

We received indisputably positive feedbacks from both of the patients suffering from recitive sinusitis. As a result of the application of the set, in the first 2-3 weeks, the nasal discharge intensified; later, the intensity of the morning and evening coughings decreased.

In the case of one of our two patients suffering from the illness of pseudo-croup, we did not experience any significant changes, the "barking-like" coughing did not emerge less frequently, its progress was similar to the previous pattern. There wasn't much of a chance for the good outcome anyway, because of the conditions created by the possibility of virus infection. In the other case, the patient did not have coughing seizures in the testing period, but it might be a coincidence, because of the short period (again) we cannot give a "clear-cut," certain explanation.

In the case of our asthmatic patients (who were represented in a greater number), we would have also needed a longer time for drawing more reliable conclusions. Since, at wintertime, the chance of infection is greater and the existance of allergens is not significant, these circumstances also influenced the effects of the instrument.

Rock on!

In two cases, the parents experienced that the relief from the asthmatic
seizures came sooner and the torturing coughing ended faster.

In two other cases, the frequency of seizures decreased and in the last
two cases, we did not observe any significant changes.

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