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Taxes & Shipping

  • All California customers will pay the current state tax (8.750%).
  • International orders: International customers don't pay taxes.
  • Shipping is included and provided internationally, free of extra
    charge, with no limit, unless customer specifies urgent delivery.

Privacy Policy

  • SaltRocks!TM does not and will not disclose anyone in its database of
  • Customers' information remains confidential to the company.
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Copyright Issues

  • All product descriptions and images, where applicable, remain the
    copyright of the manufacturer or SaltRocks!TM.
  • All other images, information and other materials that are part of this
    Site (the "Content") are the sole property of SaltRocks!TM and
    protected by copyright laws.
  • Prior permission is required in order to use our images, information
    or code.
  • The content of this site may be used as educational and as a
    shopping resource.
  • Any other use, including the reproduction or modification of the
    content on this site is strictly prohibited.

Return Policy

  • SaltRocks!TM makes every effort to ensure products arrive in perfect condition. However, in the unlikely event that a
    product is delivered damaged, customers should contact us within 3 days of receipt and return the package
    within 7 days, for a replacement to be sent.

  • If you have not received your order within 15 working days from the dispatch date, customers should contact
    Customer Cave Care. If we are unable to locate the missing product, a replacement will be sent.

Money Back Guarantee Refunds

  • If at any time, a customer is dissatisfied with our saltpipe, we will refund the purchase price of the item.

  • Shipping is non-refundable, meaning, items purchased originally with Free Shipping will have standard ground
    shipping fees deducted from the refund.

  • The salt inhaler must be returned, damage free, in original package, to us for a refund. All the return shipping
    cost is the customer's responsibility.

  • The address for a return will be specified and authorized prior to sending. The item must not be returned to
    any P.O. Box address.
    Refunds for money back guarantee claims will be made usually via the same method
    of payment as used to place your order.

Price Match Promise Plus

The SaltRocks!TM Price Match Promise Plus is your guarantee that whenever you shop with SaltRocks.org, we are confident you are getting the best bang for your buck. Because we are a dotorg (.org), we are in the business of disseminating information, not just pushing products. We are honestly more concerned about the betterment of the human condition through education than lining our pockets with profits.

Although we try to keep our product price as low as possible, in today's dynamic marketplace, it's possible that another website is offering the identical item for a lower starting price. Many times, after you configure shipping and handling, you are well beyond our starting and ending price after the extras and add-ons. After shipping and handling are added, if you still come in with a lower price than SaltRocks!TM listed price, you can rest assured that we will not only match our competitor's online price, but will reimburse you the difference even after your initial purchase for up to 7 days!

Now for the PLUS portion of our promise, just to retain your confidence, loyalty and support for the important information that we present, if your discovery is prior to purchase, we will also add another 3% of the competitor's starting price to line your pocket with a little spending change. In today's economy, just as in past times, Benjamin Franklin wisely coined, " a penny saved is a penny earned "...

It's simple. We'll refund the difference if you find the same product from the same manufacturer cheaper on any other USA website within 7 days of your purchase upon request. Promise! If you find a lower price before making your purchase, we'll reimburse you 3% of the competitor's price so you can save even more! Promise, Plus!

To claim your Price Match Promise Plus, just follow our PRO Plan below which consists of the 3 P's preceded by
P-R-O because here at SaltRocks!TM, we are pro-client. Everything we say and do is for you!

P-R-O c e d u r e s :

  • Item must be the identical product from the same manufacturer.
  • Item must be currently available and in stock.
  • Item must not be on clearance, closeout, discontinued, blemished, year-end or inventory reduction.
  • Price match is pre-rebate, pre-coupon price only.
  • Item must be orderable online.
  • Item must be sold through the original merchant's USA site, not an intermediary.
  • This offer does not apply to internet auction sites.
  • Shipping costs are to be included when comparing the prices. Since our product is a direct from manufacturer
    shipment and our pricing is a "no additional fee" price structure, the comparison price must be a
    "delivered cost" to the consumer. Single unit purchases only.

P-R-O c e s s :

  • Find a lower price on one of our competitor websites.
  • Send us an email directed to the department "Price Match Manager" from our online Cave Contact Form.
  • Please include the following in the message of your form prior to submission:

1. Your name
2. Competitor's product price and the date of discovery
3. url of the store that has the item at a lower price (i.e. www.competitorstore.biz)

P-R-O m i s e :

We will review the details to verify the information and reply to you via email within three business days.

Upon our acceptance of your refund request, please allow 14 days for delivery of your refund which will be credited as a second transaction on your credit or debit card. The time taken for the refund to appear on your credit or debit card statement varies so the amount may not show on your next statement. Plus, if a lower price is discovered prior to purchase, an additional 3% of the competitor's starting price will be credited at the time of purchase.

If we are unable to verify the previous condition, we will notify you that we require additional information to verify the SaltRocks!TM Price Match Promise Plus. Our goal is to make this policy simple and hassle-free. We are committed to responding to your requests quickly and have designated a special department solely to handle such inquiries.

Medical Disclaimer

The information presented throughout this World Wide Website has not been evaluated nor judged by the FDA or any other body of medical authority. The products associated with SaltRocks!TM do not include any therapies or techniques regulated by any state or provincially licensed health care profession, nor are they intended for the prevention or treatment of any disease or health condition.

If you consult this website for a medical condition such as natural respiratory relief for an allergy preventative, asthma remedy, or asthma aid, you should seek the assistance of a sympathetic and competent health professional.

Information contained within this website, manual, or other supplemental materials made available in conjunction with this or other products marketed by SaltRocks!TM is anecdotal and is presented by SaltRocks!TM for subjective purposes. Information provided does not offer diagnosis, prognosis or prescribe remedies for the prevention or treatment of any illness or disease. All product descriptions and/or any advice given either on the telephone or via e-mail should be used for personal enlightenment while further professional assistance is consulted.

Because there is always some risk involved when changing therapy, diet and lifestyle, SaltRocks!TM is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences that might result by the use of this site and/or the products represented herein. Please do not apply the techniques of the information on this web site if you are not willing to assume the responsibility.

If you do use the information and/or products contained in this website without the approval of a competent health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but the author cannot assume any responsibility for your actions.

The information presented through this World Wide Website is educational and not intended to represent medical, allopathic advice, nor is it intended to propose (or offer to propose) a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any therapy or treatment that could affect your health, please consult your physician.

SaltRocks!TM shall have no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect, special or consequential damages relating in any way to the use of information in this site or because of any incongruity of the information that is herein presented.

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