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SaltRocks! on Who Can Use a Mineral Salt Pipe Inhaler

A non-toxic salt pipe can be used in conjunction with, or as an adjuvant to allopathic medicine or exclusive of any medication as recommended by your physician. The device can be safely used by:

Pregnant? No problem!
  • children
  • pregnant women
  • diabetics
  • hypertensive patients
  • high blood pressure patients

Since the unprocessed contents of a natural salt inhaler only contains the purest, organic salt crystals, it has no comparison to refined table salt and is not medicine. Now the holistic benefits of drug-free and non-invasive salt and cave therapy can be conveniently achieved by all through the revolutionary Aroma TherapipeTM - accessibly and affordably.

SaltRocks! on the Use of a Salt Pipe as Prevention/Detox

At this point, you may be asking, "I'm not sick, so why me?" You've probably guessed by now... this device should also be used by:

  • "healthy" people!

Have you cleansed your lungs today?

Yes, and that just might mean you... Nowadays, there is no limit to the products on the market to help obtain optimal health through cleansing or detoxifying the body. We are familiar with the colon cleanse, liver cleanse and all-over organ cleanses to reach our health goals and attain a better quality and quantity of life. Because of the harmful effects of pollution and airborne illnesses, we must purify our respiratory tract just as we do our skin, hair, teeth (outwardly) and other organ cleanses (inwardly). Since when have you personally heard of a "lung cleanse"? Our lungs take oxygen to the rest of our body and are affected not just by the food we eat but by the very dirty air we breathe! It's time to take our respiratory health more seriously and treat our lungs with the respect they deserve.

a quotable quote
Salt is good... therefore,

have salt in yourselves

and live at peace, a quotable quote

one with another.

   Jesus - Gospel of Mark

The Aroma TherapipeTM can be successfully used as a detox device for any normal person, unaffected by respiratory or other health-related problems, to soothe, cleanse and regenerate the entire respiratory tract, thus providing optimum lung function to effectively deliver oxygen to the rest of the body. More oxygen to the body via the Aroma TherapipeTM translates to feeling better physically (less fatigue) and mentally (less depression) without the side effects of caffeine or other remedies commonly relied on by the everyday person.

This application is especially useful for athletes and is seen in the results of performance as reported by the Hungarian Modern Pentathlon Association. This report states that after using the mineral salt inhaler, the Pentathlonists had improved their performance because of increased lung capacity and endurance, stating:

Rock on & on & on...

"Training becomes easier when your airways are cleaner, more open and permeable."

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