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10 Smart Reasons to Buy & Use a Natural Salt Inhaler

The effects of the mineral salt inhaler have been proven in both
Clinical STUDIES and through multiple peoples' personal
EXPERIENCE (see Testimonials).

2.Asthma Prevention/Elimination:
One of many immediate results of the salt pipe is the significant
improvement in Forced Expiratory Volume in which, during the
first second, mucus thins out, thus making it easier to expectorate.

Ease of expectoration combined with salt's organic quality as an
anti-histamine (Salt Intake is Vital, Specific Functions: Point 9)

and anti-inflammatory, can give asthmatics and others a much
needed reduction or complete break from their drug-related
inhalers and medications.

Sleep deprived? No more!

3.Sound Sleep:
Night suffocation and coughing is
dramatically reduced or eradicated completely.

Gives ease of depth to breathing.

Drug-free means less or no more pills to stomach for many.

Pills = Bills

Works like a charm with no side effects!

Easy to use, care for, store and travel with.

  8.Detox Device:
No more med cab chaos!    Calms & cleanses the respiratory cells so it's good for general maintenance too!

   Lasts up to 5 years using approximately 15-25 minutes per day.

   Possibly no more expensive meds cluttering your cabinet.

                           David Nelson
                           QuoteSea: The Life in Few Words

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Breathing is fundamental to our health, but people don't think about it much. For those who do think about their breathing, whether they have asthma, live with a smoker, or struggle with respiratory illness, they often do not realize there is more they can do to better manage their respiratory health.a quotable quote

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